CSD Portfolio Gym

As a designer your portfolio is one of the most valuable assets you have, therefore it’s extremely important to keep it in good shape. Is it too large, too slim, all the right things in the wrong place, tired? Whatever the state we can give you an expert diagnosis and help you get it back into shape and set out a regular programme for maintaining a healthy portfolio.

The CSD Portfolio Gym is open to designers in all membership categories and is also available to non-members. Your CSD personal trainer will put your portfolio through its paces and give it a thorough workout to ensure it is fit for purpose and at the same time offer helpful suggestions as to any action needed. You will receive a written report confirming the outcome and if required a recommended date for a follow-up session.

Prior to attending your workout, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to assist your trainer. Following the workout your personal trainer will send you a brief written report. Portfolio Gyms may prove useful to those seeking employment or wishing to develop their own practice.

For a 60 minute workout and report £90 – CSD members £70. All fees are subject to VAT.

Contact us to book a session