In 2011 Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II granted to the Society the sole power to set up and maintain The Register of Chartered Designers. At the same time the Society was also granted the power to award the title of Chartered Designer. Granting these powers recognises the role of the Society as ‘THE’ pre-eminent professional body for all design disciplines.

There are 2 key aspects to chartership:

  • firstly achieving the status of Chartered Designer in your design specialism.
  • secondly maintaining that status.

In order to achieve the status of Chartered Designer you are required to prove that you operate professionally and to evidence your competences against the CPSK™.

In order to maintain your status of Chartered Designer you must additionally demonstrate annually that you are complying with the Requirements of chartership (CPSK+R) as set by The Register and are maintaining your professional standards and development.

There are 5 stages in the Pathway to Chartered Designer.

Chartered Registration

Professional Portfolio

Professional Review

Chartered Ratification

Annual Compliance

You do not need to be a member of the Society to apply for the Pathway to Chartered Designer but CSD members do receive a discount on the application fee and exemption from certain elements of the Pathway. Those achieving the award of Chartered Designer will also benefit from the award of Full Membership at MCSD level in their design specialism whilst they maintain their chartered status.