Affiliate Fellow (aCSDf)

As a professional body, the Society recognises the role of those who underpin the profession but do not actually practice design. These include design educators, researchers, managers, historians, authors, etc. whose expertise and involvement is essential for the development of any profession in a relevant and sustainable manner. The Society provides a platform for such professionals to influence the professional design agenda and develop the profession for the benefit of the wider community and for their own personal field of practice.

How do I become an Affiliate Fellow?

All applicants must have been practising in their particular field for a minimum of three years and are required to demonstrate their competence against 3 of the 4 key criteria of the CSD CPSK™ (PSK only).

Once you’re an Affiliate Fellow you will:

  • Be able to use the authorised title ‘Affiliate Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers’ and the post nominal letters aCSDf to evidence that you practice at the highest level and achieved a significant status in your design related field as recognised by the professional body for design.
  • Have use of a unique descriptor awarded to you identifying your specialist field.
  • Receive a signed personal certificate bearing the Minerva seal and set in a black aluminium frame.
  • Be exempt from certain elements of the application route to Full membership of the Society MCSD.
  • Be able to take full advantage of the CSD’s networks with invitations and access to a variety of events as well as opportunities to reach out to fellow designers through our social media channels and focus groups.
  • Participate in committee work, become a CSD advisor and ambassador and CEP accreditation panel member for your specialist field.
  • Have access to CSD’s digital content including magazines, reports, advice columns, book reviews, portfolio galleries and much more.
  • Receive discounts on selected workshops and events aimed at supporting you in your field of practice.
  • Have your own personal aCSDf Level online portfolio which you can populate with contact details, links to your website and social media, professional practice details, CPD record and case studies together with images of your work.

And so much more. For more information download the guidelines


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Application fee £75 (non-refundable)

Joining fee £50


Annually £275

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