Creative Industries Economic Estimates

January 2015 - These Creative Industries Economic Estimates are Official Statistics used to measure the direct economic contribution of the Creative Industries to the UK economy. An analysis of the contribution made by the Creative Industries to UK Employment, Gross Value Added (GVA) and Exports of Services has been provided in this release. The estimates have been produced using ONS National Statistics sources.

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Graduate Labour Market Statistics Q1 2015

The third release of Graduate Labour Market Statistics (GLMS), a quarterly publication on labour market conditions for English domiciled graduates and postgraduates relative to non–graduates. This report covers January-March (Q1) 2015 using data from the Labour Force Survey.

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World Economic Outlook

April 2014 - World Economic and Financial Surveys, World Economic Outlook: Rocovery strengthens, remains uneven

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Digital Salary & Industry Insights

Propel’s fifth annual ‘Digital Salary & Industry Insights’ has a much larger dataset than ever before. It combines our own internal data with that of over 2,000 respondents to a survey we conducted in January and February of 2014. This additional level of data was inspired by the lack of such information available to the digital industry. It provides granular industry insight into opportunities available to both employers and employees.

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