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issue 26

November 2015 - The launch of the new CSD website, what new features are on the site, the new online application process, introducing Minerva's pet owl, the Pathway to Chartered Designer, and CSD goes to Hong Kong.

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issue 25

August 2015 - Results of the CSD Design Business Survey, Design for Business research conference, IP discussion panel from tangerine, member's profile Furniture Designer Stuart Scott MCSD, book review 'Graphic Design Visionaries' by Caroline Roberts, upcoming events and offers.

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issue 24

July 2015 - Part 2 of the CEP Student Awards, 'Creator Unknown' from our partners at Creative Barcode, Stan Coates MCSD design archive, Q3 design business survey, member's profile Experiential Designer Peter Karn MCSD, upcoming events and offers.

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issue 23

June 2015 - Part 1 of the CEP Student Awards, 'do you know your copyright from your design right?' the latest CSD Validated training module, become a CSD Assessor, member's profile Interior Designer Phillip Young MCSD, Birthday wishes to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, book review 'Brand New: the shape of brands to come' by Wally Olins CBE FCSD, upcoming events and offers.

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issue 22

April 2015 - Results of the Q1 CSD Design Business Survey, 'Designers look forward to a new era of business boosting copyright reform' from CSD partners at Briffa, member's profile Graphic Designer Lynsey Edwards MCSD and Interior Designer Jasmine Sterianos MCSD, upcoming events and offers.

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