CPD from Knowledge Bank

CSD members have access to an online CPD Toolkit in their membership portfolio which allows them to keep a record of their CPD and produce an annual audit.

The toolkit identifies competences aligned to CPSK™ and therefore can be used to detemine any particular CPD that may be required to bolster professional development.

Knowledge Bank allows members to find suitable CPD that alignes with their requirements as identified in their self audit.

CPD for Chartered Designers is mandatory and the Society monitors this on an annual basis and by spot checking. There are many ways in which designers may undertake CPD from a myriad of providers and provided the CPD is ‘substantial’ it will count towards your annual quota.

The CSD CPD system is fully integrated to your needs so simply identify any of the 16 the CPSK™ competences required and enter them to the Knowledge Bank search engine then choose which CPD you wish to undertake.