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United Kingdom - London

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I am a 24 year old Visual communicator with a Graphic Design degree, looking for career opportunities. A spirited traveler, I am interested in the unknown, the design, and the novelty. I like to learn, discover, and to share my knowledge gained through my experiences.

I would describe myself as curious and enthusiastic with communication as one of my main strenghts. I am dynamic, hard working and an open-minded team player.

My work is articulated by the relationship between Graphic Design and contemporary social and cultural issues. I express my analysis according to a precise personal approach, through references acquired during my courses.

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Calixtone Ltd.

Calixtone is a company that designs, manufactures and promotes mineral coatings based on aerated lime to which, mineral fillers and other binders are added to give life to different material effects.

Design the new Calixtone Portfolio through a modern approach. The target will mostly be architects and interior designers.

Somm In The Must Ltd.

Somm In The Must is a company founded by two sommeliers. But two friends on the first place.

They decided to make their own wine, guiding the grape direclty to the bottle. They intend to make distinctive wines with unique expression using single varietal of grape.