Thomas Grey FCSD Graphic Design

Hong Kong

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Tom Grey,
Director, MAN GREY.

As someone who believes in the power of storytelling and creating immersive design experiences, we bring together graphics, technology, interior and product design throughout our projects.

Raffles Hotel Singapore, 125th Anniversary

The Raffles Hotel, Singapore since 1887 is an national monument with an abundance of historic and cultural references. The brief was to create a collection of packaging and marketing materials for visiting dignitaries and guests for their 125th Anniversary and the designs to convey the brand’s timeless elegance in a clean and contemporary style.

We decided the building had to be the inspiration. The development of graphic components for the designs were informed by the 19th century architectural features and decorative floral motifs evocative of the property’s tropical gardens. These components when applied were subtle but distinctly identifiable with the iconic Raffles. A tea set from the museum was reproduced and packaging designed to express the brand’s strong association with the culture of tea and travel. This concept was carried through to the house chocolatier boxes, hampers, tote-bags and point of sale displays to unify all collateral. For a set of marketing and retail cards, we photographed the unique features of the property and accompanied these images with our descriptive copy of historical information.

Interactive Astrological Diagram

We wanted to create something fun and interactive using ‘ancient graphics’ which would also be personal to the user. The idea for an astrological diagram came about as it is an early form of information graphic and an instrument that can apply to everyone universally with a date of birth.

Having established the concept, we personalised the graphics to incorporate symbols meaningful to our industry such as © and @. We travelled to source an artisan to execute our thangka painting on cloth in an authentic artistic style and technique, overcoming language barriers by preparing detailed visuals. Content and data information was researched and gathered in order to build and programme this project so that visitors may discover their Asian astrological animal sign by entering their date of birth or by clicking onto one of the 12 animals revolving in the system. The characteristics and other associated facts for each sign, such as suitable professions, would be revealed to the user.