Peter Windett Graphic Design

United Kingdom - London


Concept Design and Implementation for Fortnum & Mason Herbal Infusions .

Highgrove Food Rebranding

Comprehensive redesign of over 70 products based on a design concept developed around iconic elements found within the gardens. A series of woodcuts were commissioned to make ‘landscapes’ for each product category

Fortnum and Mason Classic World Teas

Extensive project involving container development, surface graphics and tea counter merchandising

HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Create a range of commemorative china and associated products to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Fortnum & Mason Camelia China

Our brief was to produce a range of high end English sourced bone china for use in the Diamond Jubilee Tea room and for retail sale. From blank samples each piece was designed and the pattern created for each piece.

Longest Reigning Monach

Concept development, design and production files for range of china and other related products to celebrate the reign of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch. The Coat of Arms was especially commissioned.

Blue and White China

Range of Blue and White china produced with Mason’s Ironstone in Stoke on Trent. (Sadly now no longer in existence). Reproduction by the old method of transfer printing where a steel roller is engraved by hand with the pattern in reverse and printed onto tissue paper. The image is then ‘transferred’ onto each piece and fired.