Paul Reynolds Product Design

United Kingdom - London

Profile description

I have worked on the design of many control centres (including the rooms where the critical operations happen and all sorts of supporting spaces like meeting rooms, kitchens, break rooms) in a variety of sectors including emergency services, rail, aviation, research facilities, oil and gas, security and road transport.

My skills enable me to engage with end users through formal discussions, interactive workshops and mock-up trials to understand the brief and then develop attractive concept and detail designs that meet the requirements.

I am an effective project manager and I have been the lead designer for several key projects.

I have several years of experience in most aspects of control centre design, from feasibility studies and concept designs through to detailed design and specification of furniture, room finishes and environmental aspects such as lighting and acoustics.

I regularly work closely with architects, engineers, manufacturers and other specialists to ensure that the implementation of the design meets the requirements gathered at the beginning of the design process.