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Green Grads 21

4 awards created for the winners of Green Grads 21, exhibited at Planted in Kings Cross London in September of 2021. The awards are a continuation of my work into repair, and I was given the Design Nation Sustainability Inovator award for the work. 

Devon Guild of Craftsmen: Making It Exhibition

I exhibited a collection of work for the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in 2021 as part of my work into repair.

The pieces show that an object can not only continue to be beautiful or interesting after it has been damaged, but also shows how damage creates opportunity.  In this sense the work speaks out not only about the importance of repair, but the opportunities that going through a difficult or damaging period can have to improve something. In a physical sense this applies to things that some throw away, deeming them useless, but also translates to a more symbolic meaning in terms of emotional scars, character building, and the way that we can use periods of difficulty as an opportunity for development. 

The process of making involves 3D scanning broken objects and then using these scans as the base to create complex cellular structures. These structures are made using a custom algorithm that effectively ‘grows’ replacement forms. These new forms are based on a range of microscopic systems such a bone callus which forms at the site of a bone break, as well as scar tissue and plant cell repair systems. 

Some pieces also feature portions that have also been repaired using traditional Kintsugi. This process uses sap of the Chinese lacquer tree (Toxicodendron vernicifluum), to repair ceramic, to which a layer of fine powder, usually gold, is then added to highlight the repair. 

Doncaster Art Fair

One of my repair pieces, a Doll with a repaired head complete with facial features was shortlisted for the Doncaster Art Fair in summer of 2021. The cell structures for the doll are based on bone callus repair.