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United Kingdom - East of England

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John Tanton MCSD is an artist and graphic designer.
The imageMaker!
Born in the heart of the New Forest in a small cottage under the concrete tower in Sway, Hampshire. First memories were of, as a child, running free through the forest and riding through the trees on the petrol tank of his dad’s old green army motorbike. Lived in a nissen hut on Beaulieu aerodrome, slept in the flickering light of the Fawley flares and ran away to sea (the world) at the tender age of sixteen.
Served on the high seas, and low ports, in Her Majesty’s Royal Naval Frigates. Drawing and cartooning from Mozambique to Jamaica and Hong Kong to Bahrain and in submarines in the dark, silent, lonely depths of the Cold War – sneaky boats.
Matured into an art student in glorious Devon, crafted, graphted and freelanced through design studios in Plymouth, London and Cambridge, rising to the dizzy heights of Member of the Chartered Society of Designers (MCSD), before moving to the quiet Suffolk countryside where, still drawing, painting and graphicing he resides with his partner, Hannah, and a dog called Kate.
His paintings and drawings take on many styles and subjects – from Watercolour landscapes to Acrylic abstractions. His inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, the smallest thing can start the ball rolling (or rather the paint flying). His art never stands still for very long and he is constantly looking for new ways to express himself through different images, mediums and styles.