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With many years experience as an industrial designer I have contributed to the success of a wide range of products. These include PA systems for Fender, test equipment for GE and Fluke, lighting for Philips and Osram, space heaters for Munters, Hi-Fi for Myryad and camera equipment for Vinten Broadcast. Other areas include consumer, laboratory, industrial, inkjet printers, computing, Hi-Fi and vending machines. Also rack equipment for various industries.

Experience of working with both multinationals and small start-ups.

A SolidWorks user since 1998 with wide experience of prototyping and manufacturing techniques. I have also built up links with many suppliers in the UK, US and Asia over the years. Well established links with Chinese manufacturing for 15 years.

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Osram Kreios G1

LED image projector

Fluke PAT

Portable appliance tester

Tangent Element

Colour correction control surface for film post production

BioRobotics BioPick

Robotic pick & place machine for the generation of genomic libraries

Fender Passport P150

Portable PA system