Social Media and Communications

This year, the Chartered Society of Designers is rolling out a number of new social channels. We’ve live-tweeted our 38th AGM, employed the use of Instagram and Pinterest to share design images and visual updates of our travels to events, and we’ve set up a Facebook page so that members and the public will be able to stay abreast of our news and activities.

We will be posting regular updates here on the CSD blog so you can expect to see links to our design practice, educational, intellectual property, events and global news posts on our social media pages. We understand that connecting with digital users within our membership and the wider design community is important and encourages a healthy flow of ideas and communication, which is why we invite you to join our discussions through these channels and use them to share information with us.

During our AGM we used the hashtag #CSDAGM and enjoyed updating the feed so much that we now have many more hashtags you can use to keep in touch with us. #CSDSTUDENT and #CSDEVENT are two that you will be seeing much more of in 2014 and we encourage you to use them so that we can see how you’ve been interacting with design and offer our feedback.

These new channels will also provide an outlet for you to provide us with valuable feedback and suggestions on how CSD can do its best to help you. We’d love for you to share news and images with us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in 2014. We’re keen to see what our members and associates are up to this year, to talk design with you all and share our stories.

Happy New Year from the Chartered Society of Designers!