CSD CEP Design Student Prize profiles: Samuel Salisbury Assoc.CSD, Fashion Design

Every year we celebrate graduating CSD CEP student designers across the globe through in-person and online award ceremonies.

The CSD CEP Student Prize is awarded yearly to one design student from each of the CEP design courses who has demonstrated great work throughout their course, recognising their talents and constant hard work.

As part of our celebrations, we’re showcasing talented CSD CEP Student Prize winner Samuel Salisbury Assoc.CSD from Sheffield Hallam University about his Fashion Design approach and plans for the future.

Sheffield Hallam University, Samuel Salisbury Assoc.CSD

Tell us a little about your work:


Starting my journey in design studies, I developed a profound love for the course. Throughout my degree, I delved into the intricacies of womenswear and menswear tailoring, a journey that allowed me to craft research boards and articulate my thoughts using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These foundational skills became the bedrock upon which I built my capabilities in subsequent years.

As a Ready-to-Wear (RTW) designer, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of function in design. The process of conceptualising ideas, translating them into illustrations, and then progressing to the meticulous stages of toiling, pattern cutting, and sewing the final piece is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s a journey I never envisioned, and yet, it has become an integral part of my creative identity.

Reflecting on the culminating year of my university experience, I found myself at a crucial juncture where I was not merely content with the status quo; instead, I yearned to propel my skills to new heights.

The challenge I undertook was more than an academic exercise; it was a personal quest to delve into the depths of my creative reservoir and uncover the latent potential that awaited discovery. As I immersed myself in this journey, the realisation dawned upon me that design is not just about envisioning an idea; it’s a nuanced and intricate process of bringing that concept to life. It was not just a matter of mastering technical skills but also an exploration of my artistic identity, a journey that allowed me to navigate the intersection of creativity, craftsmanship, and self-discovery. This transformative experience in my final year became the crucible in which my passion for design was refined, and my confidence in my abilities as a designer solidified.

Silhouette research for suited garments


What does being awarded the CSD CEP Student Prize mean to you?

Being honoured with the CEP Student Prize holds special significance for me. Having witnessed the exceptional work of past winners, I am both humbled and elated to join the Society’s ranks as a 2023 recipient. This accolade not only acknowledges my dedication but also opens doors to valuable connections within the design community.

Receiving recognition from the CSD has provided me with a deeper understanding of the industry’s standards. Holding this title is not just a credential; it signifies my commitment to upholding the essential values that drive excellence in design.

What’s next for you?


Looking ahead, I am currently in pursuit of design opportunities in and around London. While navigating this, I am revisiting and refining my body of work, reflecting on the experiences and growth cultivated during the creation of my collection. Recently, I conducted an illustration workshop for GCSE students in Peterborough, sharing insights and experiences with aspiring young designers. Alongside this, I serve as a supervisor at Schuh in Peterborough, where I am gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour, further enriching my understanding of the dynamic interplay between design and consumer engagement.

Where can we find you?

You can find me via the CSD Find-a-Designer here, or via my portfolio or Instagram. You can also view my recent show here.

Are you a Fashion Design student?

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