Raymond Turner Product Design


Profile description

Raymond Turner is an internationally recognised authority on the strategic value of design leadership and management to business, government and society. Practical commercial experience of working in this area has been the focus of his career as a designer, design manager, consultant and corporate design director.

Turner is one of the few design professionals who has held senior posts on both sides of the client-designer divide, having been Group Design Director to two large commercial companies, as well as Managing Director of two international multidisciplinary design consultancies.

Raymond is now an independent consultant specialising in design leadership and design management strategy and practice. He works with clients at the most senior level to realise maximum value from their design investment. This is achieved through long term envisioning, design strategy development, customer experience mapping, and by prioritising and directing design implementation. He works with business leaders to deliver enhanced reputation and develop design awareness to facilitate better decision making.

His practical experience, and innate interpersonal and communication skills, enables him to work successfully with large corporations and small to medium size businesses across a wide range of industries. These include public transportation, construction and real estate development, local and national government, city planning, public broadcasting, banking and health insurance, industrial and domestic product manufacturing. His ability to work with multidisciplinary teams enables clients to maximise design effectiveness within strict financial and time constraints.

In 2013 his book, Design Leadership: Securing the Strategic Value of Design, commissioned by Gower, was published and has received international acclaim.

Raymond is married and lives in Winchester and Dublin.