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Angie Moyes, Graphic Designer. I love my job. I get to meet people with passion and purpose – and that’s infectious. With over 20 years’ experience and projects covering a diverse range of sectors, including education, start-ups to blue chip corporate – consumer to academia, science and the arts, I have been lucky to meet a lot of brilliant people in fantastic companies.

I’ve worked, and work with clients such as Abcam, Blighter, Baker Hughes, BP, The Biochemical Society, Cyrus Audio, Grant Instruments, International SOS, One Paper Buildings (now Drystone), Portland Press, Socia and Widget. With a network of associates, projects can be large or small.

What gets me out of bed (apart from tea)? I believe design makes a difference. Great visual design makes you look good, but information design is king – the transparent communicator.

I love all areas of design that I have been lucky enough to work in: logo design, information design for technical documents and websites as information architecture – or UX/UI as its now known, journal and book design, web site design, campaign design – for ads or internal comms.

I relish that by using my design skills I am able to make a difference to a clients  product or service, by making it better understood and more ‘attractive’ to their clients and customers. To make them ‘look good’.

Logo for The Milner Institute

Realised by a donation by Jonathan Milner (AbCam), the aim of the Milner Therapeutics Institute is to help understand how drugs work and to push forward new ideas and technologies to improve the development of novel therapies, with a focus on cancer.

My design thinking for the logo was to represent ‘symbiosis’, ‘synergy’, collaboration and yet individuality – to reflect bringing together researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Graduate & experienced hire attraction | Baker Hughes

Following the success of our first campaign, ‘You’ll be surprised!’ and ‘Join. Transform. Progress’,  we developed new concepts based on the headlines ‘Become part of the bigger picture…’ for graduates and ‘We want people with Energy!’ for experienced hires, using more intimate images of people on location to show the working environment and scope of the organisation. We continued to write materials to support Baker Hughes recruiters and HR personnel internally, with a range of comprehensive documents, manuals and presentations.

Collateral now in daily use includes novelty give-away items, postcards, Z-cards, a number of graduate- and experienced-targeted career area leaflets, as well as exhibition stands and PowerPoint shows, and press and online advertising.

Socia | logo and visual branding

Socia was started by David Archer and Alex Cameron, seeing a niche for themselves applying their experience of managing across different organisational cultures to the issue of creating successful partnerships between public and private sectors. A logo and website design was needed for their new venture, which was the beginning of our relationship in 2002.

Clinical Science | journal and website design

I first redesigned ‘Clinical Science’ way back in 2000, the design served them well, but it needed an update, inside and out. So a new logo/masthead was developed, a new vibrant colourway – a whole new look and feel. The page layouts were also redesigned to follow the ‘feel’ of the cover. And to complete the reader experience, a new website was designed – Portland Press handling all the print and website build.

The journal and website have since been redesigned to fit in with a new template approach to all publications from the  Biochemical Society.

Cyrus Audio | Brochures, ads, website and packaging

I worked on a number of design projects for Cyrus Audio for around 10 years, working closely with the MD to build their first website, the design and artwork of their ads, packaging and sales brochures for the Cyrus range of audiophile hi-fi. The brochures were translated and printed in 5 languages. Shown here are a selection of projects.