Design Intelligence Awards 2019

We are pleased to officially partner with the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) which was founded in 2015, hosted by China Academy of Art, co-organized by China Industrial Design Association and supported by Zhejiang province. It is China’s first international academy award in industrial design. The prize has been successfully held for three sessions and has grown rapidly. The participants have covered 52 countries and regions around the world, and have received the full support of experts from more than 20 countries. The total prize pool is as high as 5.95 million, with the highest award of 1 million yuan. It is currently one of the awards with highest prize in the world. The evaluation is divided into Preliminary Evaluation, Second Evaluation, Final Evaluation. We invite top professionals in design as jurors. 2019 Design Intelligence Award has been launched, the deadline of entry collection period is May 28. The category includes “Cultural Innovation, Living Applies, Industrial Equipment, Frontier Technology, Digital Interaction”, the fifth item is for software products such as APP, applet and so on. At the same time, DIA sets up “DIA Special Award-Design Yiwu”, which focuses on Stationery and Sporting Goods, toys, bags and luggage and other areas of innovative design.

Entry is free – just register first and then use the registration code R290-8656488 when submitting your entry.