CSD Design Business Survey

Every quarter the Society conducts a survey which collects data about the design sector about key issues including: employment, design fees, business prospects, recruitment, etc.

The information provided is used to inform our thinking as to the needs of members and the design sector overall. It feeds back into design practice and design education being shared within our Course Endorsement Programme amongst some 70 courses.

It is also data that we feed into our regular meetings with the Bank of England in order to assist them in their understanding of our sector and is shared widely with government agencies, businesses and organistions.

The Design Business Survey takes a few minutes only and ensures our sector is heard at the highest level.

PS. The Bank of England logo was designed by CSD Fellow Chris Mitchell who also designed the CSD Minerva logo and the logo for The Regsiter of Chartered Designers. You can see these and a range of his iconic branding by visiting epicicons

Bank of England meetings